Blue-Bee Productions is a leading pan-Arab TV & Film production company with headquarters in Egypt and premises in Lebanon and Saudia Arabia. Comprised of the region’s best expertise within the entertainment industry, Blue-Bee optimises on the most outstanding creative & technical talents, utilising all its resources to create distinctive & entertaining content that reaches out to spectators across the Arab region and beyond on a multitude of physical and digital platforms. Blue-Bee will present  the region with an array of entertaining & state of the art content that is EYE pleasing, HEART touching,  Mind blowing and before all ENTERTAINING.




Mashish holds over 25 years of collective experience in the Entertainment and Media industries. His uniqueness lies in his ability to bring to light distinguishable and significant productions that enriched the Middle East market over the last decade.

From 1998 to 2012, Mashish has held various positions across the Arab world, where he executed various successful programmes and productions with highly reputable entities including BBC, Live Point, Orient and Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC). In 2012, he endeavored in establishing his own company Beelink Productions with premises in Cairo and Dubai. Over a period of 7 years, he raised the bar of TV production across the Middle East with various productions including “Grand Hotel” that was the first acquired Arabic series to be broadcasted on NETFLIX; followed by to another eight titles that are currently showing.

Mashish is a “Winning Formula” driven visionary with an eye for quality scripts and a capability of supervising and directing all the aspects related to production, including all the creative, managerial, coordination and technical elements. His thorough knowledge coupled with his passion yields into remarkable, highly entertaining productions of an impeccable quality.


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